Madras Aluminium Company Limited (MALCO)
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To be the most envied Integrated Primary Aluminium Producer in the World which shall be the Standard by which other similar Producers measure Quality and Operational Performance and build an Organization that people are proud to associate with. Highlights: * Unit awarded Certification under ISO 9001:2000, OHSAS 18001:1999 & ISO 14001:1996 in first attempt for Quality, Environment and Safety management systems. * Smelter capacity enhanced to 40,000 TPA through debottlenecking & process optimization. * Highest ever production of Aluminium 32,226 Mt & Alumina 66,698 Mt achieved registering an increase of 4% in Hot Metal production and 10% in Alumina production respectively. * 6000 saplings around mines and 1250 saplings in factory planted. 10,000 free saplings given to the forest department. MALCO has its own captive Bauxite mines. The method of mining used is open cast semi-mechanized. Overburden, which is in the form of soil & moorum, is first excavated by a combination of shovel/excavator and dumper in order to expose ore-zone. Then the ore zone is drilled and blasted. The blasted ore is subject to sorting in order to upgrade the “ROM Grade” to “Plant Feed Grade” i.e. 34% Al2O3. Sorting is carried out at the mine-face and the rejects associated in the ore zone are back-filled concurrently. The area is then levelled and afforested. The sorted ore is then trucked to the Mettur Dam Complex for further processing.

Madras Aluminium Company Limited (MALCO)

Address: Post Box. 4, Mettur Dam, Salem District Tamilnadu-South India Postal Code: 636402 Website:

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